I am Worf

Welcome to my website human. I am Worf, the United Federation of Planets to Qo'noS. I like to eat Gagh and drink bloodwine.

More details about me

2340 (Stardate 17938)
Born into The House of Mogh on Dec. 9.
2346 (Stardate ~23000)
My parents die in the Kitomer attack. At age six I was rescued by Sergey Rozhenko and was adopted by him and his wife Helena Rozhenko. The first thing I said to them was "nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'"
2357 (Stardate ~34000)
I became the first Klingon to enter the Starfleet Academy.
2361 (Stardate ~38000)
I left the academy.
2364 (Stardate ~41000)
I was assigned to the NCC-1701-D as relief con and tactical officer. Rank Lieutenant j.g
2365 (Between Stardates 41986 and 42073.1)
I was promoted to lieutenant and made permanent security chief aboard the NCC-1701-D following the death of Natasha Yar.
2367 (Stardate 44995)
I resigned from Starfleet to fight in the Klingon Civil War.
2368 (Stardate 45020)
My Starfleet commission was reactivated with no change in rank.
2371 (Stardate ~48000)
I was promoted to lieutenant commander and put on detached leave from Enterprise.
2372 (Stardate 49011.4)
I was transferred to command division on Deep Space Nine under Captain Benjamin Sisko and is excommunicated by Gowron for refusing to support the Klingon's dishonourable attack on Cardassia.
2373 (Between Stardates 50712.5 and 50814.2)
I joined The House of Martok, bringing honor back to myself.
2374 (Stardate 51247.5)
I married to Jadzia Dax on April 1.
2375 (Shortly after Stardate 52645.7)
I became the Federation ambassador to Qo'Nos.

There you are. Now go, human.

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